How Self Storage Can Help You During Your Move

Monday Aug 23rd, 2021



Have you recently purchased a new house or have your eyes on a property that you want to make yours? The process of shopping and visiting new properties can be full of excitement, but once you’ve found your next dream home and put an offer down, that’s when the stress often starts piling up.


One of the biggest concerns with moving to a new place is what to do with everything you own. You’re bound to accumulate a mountain of items that might need a temporary home as you transition from your old to your new house.


Here’s how self-storage can help you during your move.

Store Seasonal Items or Anything You Don’t Need

The Christmas tree that only comes out once a year or the valuables that you don’t need but aren’t ready to part ways yet can be stored away in a self-storage facility. It helps you organize your items as you pack up everything in your old house and clear space in the new house. 


Otherwise, your new house will be cluttered with things you don’t need yet before you even settle in properly. Self-storage units are perfect for long-term or short-term storage. You can take things out as you need them, or leave them in there for longer periods.

Provides Temporary Storage for Your Belongings

Sometimes, the time in your current house is up before your new place is ready. In these scenarios, you need somewhere to help you temporarily safe keep your items. A self-storage facility is the perfect temporary home for your furniture and other items.


You can safely store away your belongings and access them any time to slowly move everything into your new house. Often, you pay by the month for a storage unit, so you don’t have to worry about costs piling up once you no longer need the unit.

Makes Renovations Easier

Often, you might consider a couple of renovations to make your new house feel like a home. The last thing you want is your belongings in the way of the construction. Otherwise, you might find paint stains and damages that are hard to remove.


Having a self-storage unit allows you to complete renovations without worrying about your things getting in the way or getting ruined in the process. Once renovations are complete, you can slowly remove your items from the storage unit and place them where they need to go.

Provides Safety and Security

When you’re moving, there are tons of people going in and out of your house. There are also boxes and things everywhere. You might be concerned about losing or misplacing valuable possessions. One of the biggest benefits of having a self-storage unit is that it stores your items safely in one location.


You don’t have to worry about anything going missing as most storage facilities have security cameras and no one else can access your unit.




Franklyn O'Connell
VP of Marketing & Success


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