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Covid 19 & How am I Adjusting My Work Habits

Wednesday Mar 25th, 2020


I want to reach out and let all past, present and future clients know what adjustments I am putting in place to protect my buyers and sellers during this challenging time.  I know a lot of people don't consider Real Estate as an "essential" service, however, there are a lot of people out there in transition.  Some who NEED to purchase or sell their homes regardless of this illness.  If you think about it, as you are reading this, you are in some type of real estate, it's an essential part of life.  

My very first and formost priority is the safety of all involved.  I don't intend to put myself and my loved ones in any risk so by keeping myself safe I will in turn keep you safe.  The following is a letter I have sent out to all my clients.  I want to share it in case somebody didn't get a chance to read it:


Good afternoon to my fantastic clients!!
I hope all of you are healthy and happy (as happy as anyone can be in this strange new world of ours).  
In light of the Covid 19 virus and all the implications and precautions being advised by the government and frankly common sense in this time I have decided to put my own measures in place.  The most important thing is the health of everyone involved.  I don't want to put anybody in danger of contracting this illness and potentially passing it on to their own loved ones just as I don't want my loved ones to be put in danger!
That said, there are still properties to be sold and I leave the final choices and decisions in your hands.  If you choose to not allow showings there have been measures and exceptions to the rule that any property listed has to allow showings or be taken off the market so we can still keep your property advertised on the MLS.  I will keep a list of people/Realtor's who have shown interest in the property and contact them at a time when you feel it is safe to again allow people to view.  
If you decide to allow showings I will put the following measures in place:
(You can even go so far as to have me attend all showings with the buyers and their Realtor to make sure these measures are followed.)
- I am purchasing cloth masks to give to anyone walking through the property.  I won't ask for these back, they will be theirs to keep.  (I have a friend who is sewing these as we speak).
-I will provide all people with (non-medical grade) gloves to be worn the entire time anyone is in your property.
-Potential buyers will be instructed NOT to touch anything, this will be strictly enforced by me!.
-I will also have any and all people going in to fill out a Covid 19 form prior to showings in an effort to vet out anyone who may be at risk of being a carrier.
If you are a buyer and you would still like to look at some properties we will also keep you and the homeowners as safe as possible.  You will be getting your own hand sewn mask (various colours and patterns available) to keep and some stylish non medical grade gloves as well.  Yours to keep :).  You might also consider only viewing vacant properties which will not eliminate risk but will greatly reduce it.
If you have any other ideas about how I can help you feel more comfortable with showings and viewings I would be happy to comply.  Please do NOT take this as pressure to allow showings or to continue looking at properties.  The MOST important thing is safety and health.
Hopefully within a short amount of time we will be able to look back and laugh at these precautions.  It's ALWAYS ALWAYS better to be safe.
My heart and prayers are with you all in this time!  If you have any questions or comments regarding this please call, text, email me.
There you have it!  Some of the adjustments I am going to be making.  I have yet to have anything booked.  I have one listing that is generating a lot of intrest but the seller's have asked to suspend showings to keep the tenants safe (which is how it needs to be in these times!).  Listing appointments will be handled much the same.  I can do a lot through the internet.  I can do a video link to speak with you through facetime or another platform and everything can be handled electronically.  We are lucky to have the kind of technology that enables us to "socially distance".  You let me know what you feel comfortable with.
My prayers go out to each and everyone of you and your families.  I hope to hear from you that all is well!  

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